Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter 2014

Well geez!  I must say, I feel like such a dead beat after seeing everyone's Easter loot for their little ones!  My bad, Sebastian, I'm sorry for shafting you this year!  I doubt that you even care so I guess it's okay.  To be fair, your daddy has put me on a spending freeze so let's just blame him!  ;)  I promise next year I'll step up my Easter basket game!  

For Easter Sunday, we started the day off by going to church!  We were very proud of the fact that we actually made it to a service after talking about it for months!  We are happy to report that the little man was a perfect angel throughout the entire service and even fell asleep while in the Ergo towards the end. 

A little later, we headed to my parents house for linner (lunch/dinner due to the strange timing) and we were also joined by my aunt and uncle.  My mom was so sweet and set up a little Easter egg "hunt" for Sebastian in the living room.  Although he participated, he was much more interested in banging his little hand on the TV stand and DVR (our apologies for the scratches).  ;) 

It's hard to believe that come this time next year, Sebastian will be running around on his own gathering eggs!  Wow!

Highchair = Food = Happy kid

Hurry, I'm HANGRY!

This was the best I could do in terms of bunny ears this year... (Thank you, Old Navy!)

Easter candy and eggs from Granny

Passed out after his one-man Easter egg hunt

Still tired...

Take 2... still not the best, but it'll have to do!  At least Pookie is looking!  :)

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