Sunday, June 1, 2014

Monthly Update: Month 10

We are officially in the double digit months!  Sebastian's little personality shows itself more and more each day - it's been so fun to see it emerge!  Such a fun age!  :)  Here is what Sebastian was up to this month:
  • This kid has a mouth full of choppers!  He is now up to 7 teeth - 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. So crazy to see and hard to get used to!  The good news is that after his first two popped up on the bottom, the pain doesn't seem as bad for him (or at least that's the story I've made up in my head). 
  • Sebastian continues to be an awesome eater but we gotta make sure he's fed on time because otherwise he gets HANGRY!  He's seriously like a human garbage disposal.  We will be broke when he starts eating normal portions!  He likes most things and when we get his "report card" after each school day, his teachers always report that he ate everything that was served!  He really seems to like soup - especially pho!  Now, if we could only get him to stop touching his hair and ears while eating... he is quite the hot mess after each meal.  
  • He loves being up on his feet and is shuffling sideways when holding on to tables, chairs, our legs… just about anything!  He even tries to stand up while taking a bath or in mid-crawl.  I know I keep saying this but seriously, it really is only a matter of time before he starts walking on his own.  Also, now that he is on his feet more often he has graduated from just wearing socks to wearing soft soled shoes! 
  • Sebastian's newest "trick" is blowing farts on our bare skin - we all think its the funniest thing ever.  And yes, we get amused easily!  ;)
  • He is getting big and is finally wearing size 3 diapers - it seemed like he had plateaued at size 2 for a long time! He's still mainly wearing 6 month clothing but finally started to fit into some of his 9 month stuff.  Unfortunately, most clothing brands lump 6-12 months as a pant/jean size... such a big range, why do they do that?!  Anyway, that size is starting to get short for him but the next size up is way too big.  I guess he might have to be in "high waters" for a little bit.  At least its almost summertime so he can wear shorts instead and bypass the length issue!
  • It looks like he may take after his daddy with his sweet dance moves!  ;)  He likes to shake his head vigorously while bouncing up and down on his legs.  If he's feeling fancy and securely propped up against something he'll even throw up his arms.  Cutest thing ever!
  • He reaches out for us and I love it!  Well, he reaches out for the people he is most familiar with and who he wants to hold him.  Of course he does this for me and David but also for both of his grandmas, sometimes the grandpas, and the director of his school, Miss Kathy.  BUT, I like to think that he reaches out for me and actively seeks me out the most. 
  • He has transitioned to his big boy car seat (still rear facing)!  In truth, we sometimes miss the convenience of being able to leave him in his car seat when he falls asleep but he seems so much happier having more room.  In addition, his new car seat looks so comfy and padded... I kinda wish they had an adult version I can crawl into!  ;)   
  • Sebastian is officially sleeping in his own room and crib... yay!  :)  It is amazing how spacious our bedroom feels without his pack and play by our bed. Bedtime continues to be in the 6:00-7:00 PM timeframe and unfortunately still wakes up often in the wee hours of the morning for milk or comforting.  Speaking of bedtime... this is one of my favorite times to spend with him and is my special job each night.  With work and his early bedtime, it feels like we don't get to spend nearly enough time with him while he's awake so I do enjoy the time we spend together before he falls asleep. (His special time with daddy is his bath time.)  We usually cuddle together in his rocking chair, say a little prayer, sing songs, and of course he drinks a bottle or two.  He's very aware of his hands these days so he usually likes to touch my face, hair, or interlock his fingers with mine.  Its hard not to just stare and watch as he's peacefully sleeping in my arms... so sweet!

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