Sunday, June 22, 2014

Monthly Update: Month 11

We officially only have one more month (as of 5/28/14) until Sebastian is technically no longer a baby (wah! big sigh!)!  We had so much fun this month!  Not only did he take his first airplane ride and vacation (more in a separate post) but a lot of learning and exploring took place, as well.  On top of all that, this is the first time we really noticed an obvious growth spurt and he is truly looking more like a toddler these days. (Note: For this irrational mommy, toddler = adult who will leave the house at any moment and no longer need me!)  ;) 
  • Sebastian sprouted one more tooth this month - officially increasing the amount to 8 teeth!  It still cracks us up to see him with his big toothy smile!  We're also trying to make more of an effort to brush his teeth regularly.  Luckily, he seems to like his Tom's Silly Strawberry toothpaste and banana shaped toothbrush.  
  • He stood up unassisted for the first time... well, I think he does it at school all the time but I saw it for the first time at home.  
  • Sadly, I found out that "mama" doesn't mean me!  :(  I guess I always knew that but we discovered in Hawaii that mama/meh/mel means he's hungry and wants his milk pronto!  Additionally, his other means of communicating with us now include saying "mo" for more (this is especially prevalent during meal times) and pointing at stuff he wants or the direction he wants to go.
  • He is continuing to master walking with his Learning Farm Walker - he can get around pretty fast nowadays.  Now if he could only figure out how to turn around and also not bump into the walls...
  • This guy is a clapping maniac. He randomly likes to start clapping and does so with the biggest smile on his face.  He will also clap on demand.  During bedtime, he likes to grab both of my hands and clap them causing him to crack up into a fit of giggles.  ;)   
  • He bangs on EVERYTHING.  I realize this isn't a unique trait but just thought I'd mention it for documentation purposes.  ;)  We noticed that when he's super tired he'll start banging on his head (and pretty hard, too).  Kinda makes him look a little crazy so we're trying to stop that habit!  :)
  • Sebastian is a fan of drinking pool and bath water - which means he's probably drinking his own pee too!  Again, another habit we're trying to break!  
  • He thinks inflicting pain on us is the funniest thing in the whole entire world.  With so many teeth, we are definitely feeling the pain!  We've got to do a better job of not showing our pain because I'm sure its our facial expressions and noises that amuse him. 
  • Although he admittedly is still smaller than most kids in his class, we have noticed a big growth spurt this month.  His limbs are longer and he's harder to carry around for long periods of time.  Seriously, he looks like a boy now.  He was never really a chubby baby with crazy, squishy rolls but with him being so active these days, any of the chub he did have is pretty much gone.  :( 
  • Sebastian is very interested in Pookie - he could be fast asleep but when she walks into his nursery, he'll perk right up to see her.  He likes to pet her, grab her ears, and loves it when she licks his hands and face.  Unfortunately, he doesn't know his own strength and sometimes his "petting" looks more like hitting so we'll have to teach him how to be more gentle.  Luckily, she's really good with him and doesn't get as annoyed with his antics as she used to.  Such a sweet pair!
  • He will wave at anything - people, toys, the TV, even his own reflection in the mirror.  He seems to be pretty outgoing and loves to sit and people watch like his mama!  :) 
  • We learned that cheerios will keep him quiet and content so you can be sure that we've invested in a large box!  ;) 
  • He can go up the stairs super fast and seems to be fearless!  He doesn't know how to (safely) go down the stairs yet so we definitely have to watch him like a hawk! 
  • He got his first baby tan from our time in Hawaii… actually, it was more like a farmer's tan!  You can't tell in pictures but the parts where he is a little chubbier and fat folds over are still his normal skin color. So freaking cute.  Don't worry, we were slathering on that sunscreen like crazy!  


  1. He looks like he has so much more hair! Look at that handsome face! You've got quite the cutie!!

  2. I agree, he really did start to look like a big boy at this time! :(