Friday, December 27, 2013

Monthly Update: Month 5

Little man is growing up SO fast!  I can't believe he's 5 months old already (as of November 28, 2013)! Sometimes I find myself staring at him and quietly wishing he'd just slow down.  But, it is really fun to see more and more of his personality develop!  Such a sweet, little boy!

Here's what Sebastian was up to in Month 5: 
  • Sebastian experienced his first major illness (had a fever) to the point where we were advised to take him to the ER as a precaution because it sounded like he was breathing a little too fast. When we got to the hospital, the doctor on call wasn't worried at all, so we were only there for about 15-20 minutes.  We did end up staying home with him for two days so he could recover at home and get non-stop cuddles! 
  • We started experimenting with having him sleep in his room. When we did manage to get him to sleep in his crib for a good amount of time, I found myself waking up to stare at the monitor to make sure he was still breathing since he likes to sleep on his belly. Side note: Its funny how before Sebastian was born, I always slept with earplugs but now find the sound of his snoring and noise machine staples for helping me fall asleep. I'll be honest… after just a few half-hearted tries, he is back to sleeping in our room in his bassinet.  :) Maybe when he's older… 
  • He sure loves his feet (see pics below)!  Luckily for him he's able to fold himself in half to get his feet in his mouth!  After a whole day of school, we have to make sure we clean in between his toes from all the sock lint before he starts gnawing at them.  
  • This kid is a squirmy little guy!  Before now, without fail, he would always calm down when he was placed on his changing table.  That is no longer the case and we have to make sure he is strapped down; which of course he hates!
  • Speaking of being strapped down… he is also no longer a fan of his car seat.  His teacher, Miss Cari, thinks its because he's such a free spirit and doesn't want to be constrained.  Whenever we're in the car (no matter the length of car ride) one of us has to sit in the back with him as a source of entertainment. 
  • Last month he mastered the art of rolling and this month he was focused on sitting up on his own.  He still needs to be assisted with people or pillows but he's SO close!  For the most part, he enjoys sitting in his bumbo and activity seat; well, as long as someone is nearby to sing him songs. We even have a song that we made up about the bumbo that always seems to stop his crying. ;) 

Christmas Art Project

We love looking at Sebastian's hands (and feet) and always marvel at how stinking cute they are and of course sometimes wish that time would just slow down to keep that way a lil' longer.  That said, for Christmas, we wanted to capture all that cuteness via a Christmas art project for the grandparents.  We went to Color Me Mine in Mill Creek on a Saturday afternoon and didn't leave until it was dark.  You can blame that on this indecisive and not-so-artistic mama and one sleepy, cranky baby.  ;)  

Anyway, although it took us a while to get the projects done we are so happy with the finished result.  Now I wish we had created a third one for us to keep at our house!  :(  Oh well… overall it was a fun time so I'm sure we'll be going back in the future with our baby artist.  

A little afternoon bottle & diaper change in the car before art project time!

Can you tell it was Movember?

Why you mad, bro?!

Tired & cranky lil' one…

Oooh… I like flying pigs… ;) 

Ta da!  The finished products!  :)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving was relatively uneventful this year.  We were honestly dreading the stress of the holidays with the added pressure of ensuring that both sides of the family got equal time with the baby but it wasn't too bad!  Phew!  ;) 

Per usual, we had lunch with my family where we had a random mixture of Filipino, American, and Greek food and lots of yummy dessert.  After our meal, David and Pookie went home to cook our part of the dinner while Sebastian and I stayed at my parent's house.  Due to teething, we had a rough time the night before so while my parents entertained the baby, I took advantage of the free time and took a little nap!  :) 

Eventually it was time to head over to the good ol' MLT and have dinner with the Kos.  It was a full house because we had a good number of out-of-towners fly in for the long weekend including Kelly and Adrianna.  As always, it was nice to get to spend time with them!  :) 

The following morning, I woke up super early (well, we were already up for Sebastian) and headed north to the outlets with my mom for some Black Friday shopping.  I was going to bring Sebastian but decided against it since he was a little under the weather.  Like always, I really didn't get much shopping done but acted as a personal stylist for my mom so that was fun.  We got to the outlets around 6:00 something and surprisingly it wasn't too bad.  We missed the crazies that got all their shopping done on Thanksgiving day and beat the "lazy" afternoon shoppers.  It was probably the easiest Black Friday experience ever!  Gotta love that!

Here are some pics of our Turkey Day:

Tired after a long, restless night

Don't you just love his little vest?!

Matching Movember mustaches ;) 

Look at that belly!

Too much turkey for Pookie :)

Brunch with Uncle Kelly & Auntie Adrianna at the Rusty Pelican - Yum!

Visiting Santa 2013

In order to beat the crowds and avoid standing in a ridiculously long line, we decided to visit good ol' Saint Nick before Thanksgiving (which is why this post seems out of place)!  :)

David had a little bit of a "run in" with one of the "elves" and eventually the manager "elf" so things got a little uncomfortable.  Basically, he was appalled by the cost of the packages to begin with and then they were selling picture packages (in our case, "Baby's First Christmas") that were no longer available because they had run out of picture frames.  Oh, on top of that, the photographer said she'd pick the best photo of the bunch and that she was positive she caught a few of him smiling and actually looking at the camera. Needless to say, she failed to deliver.  ;)  Poor kid looks so, so tired!

Note: No elves were hurt during our time with Santa.  In fact, no one was actually dressed as an elf but David just kept referring to them as such. ;)

Well, at least that was a memorable experience! Hopefully Daddy will let us see Santa again next year... ;)

Christmas Photos 2013

A week after we took Sebastian's 4 month photos, we met up with Crystal again for her Christmas mini sessions in a Christmas tree farm in Woodinville!  Don't you just love his little tongue sticking out?!  ;)  Signature Sebastian right there!  Now, if only Pookie were looking at the camera!  I think she was just excited to be outside and somewhere new with the fam.  Can't blame a girl for that.  :) 

In case you were wondering… I was technically still in my aircast boot full time but didn't want to wear them in our photos.  It took FOREVER to get my boot on and off!  So painful!  But, as of December 7th, I've been boot free!  Yay!  My foot still gets sore after a long day, its hard to wear anything but flats, and I can't go down stairs like a normal person yet but it is definitely much better!  :) 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

4 Month Photos

We had yet another fun session with Crystal Marie Photography when Sebastian turned 4 months old.  Per usual, we started off at our house so we could take some photos with Miss Pookie and then we headed over to Woodinville for some outdoor pictures.  It was a cold day so we didn't stay out too long but we were lucky to beat out the rain and we witnessed what looked to be some L.A.R.Pers (aka a local boy scout troop) doing something outdoorsy.  ;) 

Halloween 2013

We had a bit of a costume fail for Sebastian this year.  He was supposed to be a monkey for Halloween but unfortunately, even the smallest size was way too big for our little munchkin.  Luckily, my mom had given him a little tiger hoodie that had a tail and tiger mohawk so we just used that for his costume. So cute!  Pookie decided she didn't want to be a princess again so she ended up being a triceratops this year!  :) 

Even though Sebastian is still too young to remember things, we are doing our best to start some new family traditions and making as many fun memories as we can.  For his first Halloween, we decided to do a little "trick or treating" at the Alderwood Mall.  We went right after work/school in hopes of beating the crowds but apparently everyone else had that idea.  We got there around 4:00 PM and there were already signs saying that they ran out of candy!  

Sebastian was pooped from school so we didn't stay long but managed to make it around the entire mall and grabbed some goodies for him us. ;)  Before we left, we met up with the Holland family at Nordstrom. Olivia was dressed as a sushi roll and Mingie and Justin were sushi chefs. I wish I had taken a picture.  :)  

When we got home, we only had a small handful of trick or treaters (so much for buying candy from Costco).  Sebastian was too tired to help pass out candy so it was up to his daddy and Pookie to do the job.  :)  All in all, I'd say it was a fun day.  Typically, David and I aren't fans of Halloween but I have a feeling that will change now that Sebastian is here!