Friday, December 20, 2013

Visiting Santa 2013

In order to beat the crowds and avoid standing in a ridiculously long line, we decided to visit good ol' Saint Nick before Thanksgiving (which is why this post seems out of place)!  :)

David had a little bit of a "run in" with one of the "elves" and eventually the manager "elf" so things got a little uncomfortable.  Basically, he was appalled by the cost of the packages to begin with and then they were selling picture packages (in our case, "Baby's First Christmas") that were no longer available because they had run out of picture frames.  Oh, on top of that, the photographer said she'd pick the best photo of the bunch and that she was positive she caught a few of him smiling and actually looking at the camera. Needless to say, she failed to deliver.  ;)  Poor kid looks so, so tired!

Note: No elves were hurt during our time with Santa.  In fact, no one was actually dressed as an elf but David just kept referring to them as such. ;)

Well, at least that was a memorable experience! Hopefully Daddy will let us see Santa again next year... ;)

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  1. I had a bad Santa photo experience this year too! I think they are lacking in the customer satisfaction department...For what you pay for a photo, you'd think you'd be getting one printed on gold paper or something?!?