Monday, January 6, 2014

Movin' on Up!

Oh my goodness... we have a big boy on our hands! Well, it happened. This morning, one of Sebastian's teachers informed me that he has officially graduated from Infant Room A to Infant Room B.  I realize this sounds absolutely ridiculous but I think if I weren't running late for work (per usual) I probably would've shed a baby tear!  ;) 

There really isn't a big difference between the two rooms - its just that he's no longer one of the teeniest, youngest kids at the daycare anymore.  Yet another sign that time is going by so, so fast!  In Infant Room B, all the kids are still under the age of 1 but they're more mobile than the newborns (obviously).  Most of them are crawling and some are even walking!  Prior to today, Sebastian has already spent some time in this room but he's still just rolling around and getting in crawling position to drag his lower half across the floor with his strong little arms.  I think being in this room will actually be good for him because he'll probably be more motivated to move around like the other "big kids" and the babies/his buds that he started school with were also just recently moved there!  (Reunited and it feels so gooooood...)  :) 

Anyway, just like any other obsessed mommy, I had to take a picture of this momentous occasion!  :)  Here he is with his favorite stuffed carrot.  Note: He's not entirely able to sit up without assistance yet but his teachers think its because he really just loves to roll and hates being stationary.  What I failed to capture is the moment in between these two pictures where he gets a funny little smirk on his face before letting loose and dropping a deuce.  Hence his comfy and content position in the second photo.  ;) 


This is just a minor interruption to my holiday catch-up with a couple quick updates...

What is it with kids (and babies) and technology?!  I swear, before I know it I'm sure Sebastian will be a pro at using all of the gadgets in our house.  This kid sure loves our phones!  

Here is his first "drawing" he made on daddy's phone: 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Monthly Update: Month 6

Is he really already 6 months old?!  It really doesn't feel like he's been with us for half a year already! Time… slow down, please!  Here is what he was up to this month:
  • Sebastian is such a smiley boy and we love it! :) 
  • Our little man officially has teeth! After months of teething, he finally had two bottom teeth break through after a couple sleepless and painful nights!  So weird to no longer just see gums when he smiles! He's had a pretty rough time with this teething business so we upped the amber teething beads and he's now sporting a bracelet and a necklace.  The hubby thinks its all a gimmick but I'm willing to try anything.  ;) 
  • He loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song - it always makes him laugh/smile!  ;)  What's awesome is that you can spell out his full name and it fits into the tune perfectly (we can do it with Pookie's name too).  :)  I think this will definitely come in handy when he has to start spelling his name when he's older. 
  • This month, he has turned into a mama's boy.  Truth be told, I love it.  ;)  But, I do realize this is probably a phase that will eventually switch to his daddy so I better take advantage of it now. 
  • He is becoming more and more curious about the things around him - he loves staring at our faces and using his hands to feel our faces.  He also gets a kick out of yanking on mommy's hair and glasses.  Don't let his small stature fool you - he has quite the grip!  
  • He is in love with his sister, Pookie.  He loves it when she licks his face, hands, and feet.  He also likes to pet her and reach for her ears.  Luckily for Pook, her fur is really short otherwise I'm sure he'd be yanking on that as well.  
  • The Wubba has been replaced by baby Sophie!  Too bad the sound of it against his gums makes daddy cringe!
  • He absolutely loves the remote control!  Whether trying to eat, play with the buttons, or just plain stare at it - he can stare at that thing and be entertained for quite a while! 
  • Sebastian's hair is growing back and he's looking less "Benjamin Button" ish.  ;)  
  • His toy collection has grown quite a bit this month - especially with it being Christmastime!  He loves his walker (but can only tip toe a couple steps backwards) and his musical learning farm toy.  In truth, his favorite toys are the ones he can put in his mouth! 
  • Changing his clothes and diapers have become quite a chore… he likes to flip around and get into the crawling position as soon as he's placed on the changing table!
  • Sebastian can feed himself!  Well, he can reach for his bottle and hold it up to his mouth.  I can't tell you how amazingly helpful this new skill has been for us!  :) 
  • Here are the stats from Sebastian's 6-month check-up: 
  • Height: 66 cm (25th percentile)
  • Weight: 14.3 lbs (3rd percentile - still just a lil' guy)

Christmas 2013

I can't believe Christmastime is over already!  It seriously was such a blur!  This year was especially awesome for obvious reasons - Sebastian's first Christmas!  :)  Needless to say, being the first and only grandchild has its perks.  He was surely spoiled this year and he didn't even realize it!  ;)  

We were so lucky in that my brother was able to come home for the holidays again this year - he usually only comes home every other year - and he got to hang out for almost two full weeks!  As always, Christmas Eve was dedicated to my family.  We had to take Pookie to the vet in the morning (sadly, she has a little skin infection but its now on the mend) and then we basically hung out at my parent's house the rest of the day. We had a yummy dinner prepared by my mom and then waited until it was time to go to church.  This year, we went to an actual midnight mass at St. Pius (prior to this year, it was more of a 9:30 PM mass).  On our way out to the car, one of the priests even took a moment to bless Sebastian - it looked like he palmed is head real quick, did the sign of the cross, then sent us on our merry way.  ;)  After church, we went back to my parent's house and opened all of our presents (hey, it was technically Christmas by then)!  Sebastian had a whole section dedicated just to him but he had been sleeping since about 9:00 PM and slept through church, family pictures, and present opening!  We didn't get home until around 2:00 AM so we slept in a little (well, as much as the baby would allow) the following morning.  

David's parents always host a Christmas lunch and this year, my brother came along to enjoy some homemade Korean cuisine.  This surprise house guest was a HUGE hit at the Ko household; David's mom and aunt love my brother - almost to the point where even Sebastian was an afterthought.  ;)  David's dad was inspired to take photos of us this year so we were invited to his home "photography studio" aka garage for some pictures.  It was fun to see the CEO of KJ Photo at work. ;) After lunch we went home to rest a little and then went back to visit my family.  

While admittedly, the holidays can be a bit stressful with all the going back and forth between families - it was a great first Christmas for Sebastian!  Oh, I forgot to mention that both sets of grandparents LOVED the Christmas plates they received from their first grandchild!  So glad they were a hit!  :)  We can't wait to see how things will be next Christmas when he'll probably be able to appreciate and participate in all the festivities a bit more!  :) 

We LOVE getting Christmas cards! Thanks, everyone!  :)

Sebastian loved staring up at the glass ball garland everyday...

And these hanging balls too  :)

Sebastian's Christmas art project from school!

Matching stockings and a cozy, "crackling fire"  ;) 

O Tannenbaum...

Best buds hanging out on Christmas Eve morning

On the way to midnight mass

Looks like such a big boy!

Love his lil' outfit :)

Me & mi madre

So sweet...

I love my hubby

The FabKos 

First Christmas photo as a family of 4!

Who is that random model posing next to us?!

Christmas morning

Christmas lunch at the Ko home

Enjoying one of his many Christmas presents! Spoiled kid!

Favorite Guncle

Proud of his work badge

Ooh... not a flattering photo, but the last one with Uncle Les before flying back to London :(  In my defense, I was just recovering from a bout of food poisoning - not a fun experience, let me tell you...