Monday, January 6, 2014

Movin' on Up!

Oh my goodness... we have a big boy on our hands! Well, it happened. This morning, one of Sebastian's teachers informed me that he has officially graduated from Infant Room A to Infant Room B.  I realize this sounds absolutely ridiculous but I think if I weren't running late for work (per usual) I probably would've shed a baby tear!  ;) 

There really isn't a big difference between the two rooms - its just that he's no longer one of the teeniest, youngest kids at the daycare anymore.  Yet another sign that time is going by so, so fast!  In Infant Room B, all the kids are still under the age of 1 but they're more mobile than the newborns (obviously).  Most of them are crawling and some are even walking!  Prior to today, Sebastian has already spent some time in this room but he's still just rolling around and getting in crawling position to drag his lower half across the floor with his strong little arms.  I think being in this room will actually be good for him because he'll probably be more motivated to move around like the other "big kids" and the babies/his buds that he started school with were also just recently moved there!  (Reunited and it feels so gooooood...)  :) 

Anyway, just like any other obsessed mommy, I had to take a picture of this momentous occasion!  :)  Here he is with his favorite stuffed carrot.  Note: He's not entirely able to sit up without assistance yet but his teachers think its because he really just loves to roll and hates being stationary.  What I failed to capture is the moment in between these two pictures where he gets a funny little smirk on his face before letting loose and dropping a deuce.  Hence his comfy and content position in the second photo.  ;) 

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  1. Okay, so seriously now - it's time for us to get together! Sebastian and Max need their first official play date.