Thursday, September 12, 2013


So... I resigned today.  No big deal.  ;)  Actually, for me this was a VERY big deal!  I've been with the same company since graduating from UW - that's right, almost 9 years! I'm gonna miss my old company - I definitely had some great experiences there and have worked alongside a lot of awesome people. 

I still can't believe I did it.  I've been talking about making a change for years now but I never actually thought I'd do it.  (Remember, I typically hate change.)  I suppose months of being on medical leave and then maternity leave will help give you some perspective and in my case, finally some balls to do something!  ;)  

I couldn't sleep last night just thinking about the "perfect" way to resign and it took me a couple versions to get my official resignation letter the way I wanted it.  Despite all the stressing and fussing, the actual event was anticlimactic.  I guess I should've expected that to be the case since I was resigning to my new manager - someone I've never worked for or with before.  At least it was relatively painless! The bummer is that I'm an idiot and scheduled things too close together so I'm gonna have to go back to grab the stuff out of my office and perhaps say good bye to some of my favorite people.  We'll see if Sebastian will be in the mood for that... ;)  

So what's next for me?  No, I won't be staying home with Pooks and Sebs.  Come October I'll be joining The Big B as an HR Generalist for their Engineering organization.  The hubs and I will be carpooling everyday and will only be one building away from one another.  Yikes... we're definitely gonna get tired of each other!  ;)  I'm both nervous and excited to be starting this new chapter in my career.  Wish me luck!  :) 

My badge picture from 2004 - just a young lil' UW grad ready to take on her first internship!

Sebastian's "resigning" outfit ;)  (Those are supposed to be skinny jeans but he's too skinny for them to fit as such)