Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Photos 2013

A week after we took Sebastian's 4 month photos, we met up with Crystal again for her Christmas mini sessions in a Christmas tree farm in Woodinville!  Don't you just love his little tongue sticking out?!  ;)  Signature Sebastian right there!  Now, if only Pookie were looking at the camera!  I think she was just excited to be outside and somewhere new with the fam.  Can't blame a girl for that.  :) 

In case you were wondering… I was technically still in my aircast boot full time but didn't want to wear them in our photos.  It took FOREVER to get my boot on and off!  So painful!  But, as of December 7th, I've been boot free!  Yay!  My foot still gets sore after a long day, its hard to wear anything but flats, and I can't go down stairs like a normal person yet but it is definitely much better!  :) 

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