Friday, December 27, 2013

Monthly Update: Month 5

Little man is growing up SO fast!  I can't believe he's 5 months old already (as of November 28, 2013)! Sometimes I find myself staring at him and quietly wishing he'd just slow down.  But, it is really fun to see more and more of his personality develop!  Such a sweet, little boy!

Here's what Sebastian was up to in Month 5: 
  • Sebastian experienced his first major illness (had a fever) to the point where we were advised to take him to the ER as a precaution because it sounded like he was breathing a little too fast. When we got to the hospital, the doctor on call wasn't worried at all, so we were only there for about 15-20 minutes.  We did end up staying home with him for two days so he could recover at home and get non-stop cuddles! 
  • We started experimenting with having him sleep in his room. When we did manage to get him to sleep in his crib for a good amount of time, I found myself waking up to stare at the monitor to make sure he was still breathing since he likes to sleep on his belly. Side note: Its funny how before Sebastian was born, I always slept with earplugs but now find the sound of his snoring and noise machine staples for helping me fall asleep. I'll be honest… after just a few half-hearted tries, he is back to sleeping in our room in his bassinet.  :) Maybe when he's older… 
  • He sure loves his feet (see pics below)!  Luckily for him he's able to fold himself in half to get his feet in his mouth!  After a whole day of school, we have to make sure we clean in between his toes from all the sock lint before he starts gnawing at them.  
  • This kid is a squirmy little guy!  Before now, without fail, he would always calm down when he was placed on his changing table.  That is no longer the case and we have to make sure he is strapped down; which of course he hates!
  • Speaking of being strapped down… he is also no longer a fan of his car seat.  His teacher, Miss Cari, thinks its because he's such a free spirit and doesn't want to be constrained.  Whenever we're in the car (no matter the length of car ride) one of us has to sit in the back with him as a source of entertainment. 
  • Last month he mastered the art of rolling and this month he was focused on sitting up on his own.  He still needs to be assisted with people or pillows but he's SO close!  For the most part, he enjoys sitting in his bumbo and activity seat; well, as long as someone is nearby to sing him songs. We even have a song that we made up about the bumbo that always seems to stop his crying. ;) 

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