Sunday, December 15, 2013

Monthly Update: Month 4

Man, we are SO behind with blogging! I'll see how much I can catch up while the baby is napping! ;) 

I can't believe that exactly a year ago (well, at the time he turned 4 months old) we had just discovered that we were having a baby and were enjoying our last trip to Hawaii with the Os!  Crazy!  Seems like a lifetime ago!  My, what a difference a year makes!  

Here is what Sebastian was up to in Month 4:
  • He is officially rolling over!  He still gets frustrated after a while but can definitely tolerate tummy time a lot longer these days!  
  • He no longer sleeps in a swaddle... so crazy!  We do put him in a sleep slack still but his arms are free and wild.  When he sleeps he usually has his arms up by his ears.  Perhaps he's been hanging out with daddy too long on Sundays because it looks like he's celebrating a touchdown!  ;) 
  • Sebastian doesn't rely on Mr. Wubba anymore!  What?!  We never thought we'd see this day but all of sudden he just doesn't care for it anymore.  Now he soothes himself but sucking on his thumb or random combo of fingers; that is, when he's able to figure out how to bring them to his mouth!
  • He has quite the appetite - I swear he's always eating!  Before he started school he was eating every 1.5 hours or even less at times.  His teachers have helped space it out to every 2 hours but then he's eating much more at each feeding time (lately about 5 ounces each sitting). 
  • He caught his first cold (and then gave it to mommy) :(  Poor little booger/snot monster!  Thank goodness for the Nose Freida!
  • He's getting too big for his bassinet.  At night I can hear him bumping against the sides and in the morning his legs are often off the edge of the front.  Pretty soon we'll have no choice but to move him into his own room to sleep in his crib.  We keep postponing the inevitable because it is so nice to have him close.  
  • Here are the stats from his 4-month check-up: 
  • Height: 24 cm (38th percentile)
  • Weight: 12.9 lbs (8th percentile)
  • He also got 4 shots - he cried a little after each one but stopped as soon as we picked him up... poor kid!

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