Friday, December 20, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving was relatively uneventful this year.  We were honestly dreading the stress of the holidays with the added pressure of ensuring that both sides of the family got equal time with the baby but it wasn't too bad!  Phew!  ;) 

Per usual, we had lunch with my family where we had a random mixture of Filipino, American, and Greek food and lots of yummy dessert.  After our meal, David and Pookie went home to cook our part of the dinner while Sebastian and I stayed at my parent's house.  Due to teething, we had a rough time the night before so while my parents entertained the baby, I took advantage of the free time and took a little nap!  :) 

Eventually it was time to head over to the good ol' MLT and have dinner with the Kos.  It was a full house because we had a good number of out-of-towners fly in for the long weekend including Kelly and Adrianna.  As always, it was nice to get to spend time with them!  :) 

The following morning, I woke up super early (well, we were already up for Sebastian) and headed north to the outlets with my mom for some Black Friday shopping.  I was going to bring Sebastian but decided against it since he was a little under the weather.  Like always, I really didn't get much shopping done but acted as a personal stylist for my mom so that was fun.  We got to the outlets around 6:00 something and surprisingly it wasn't too bad.  We missed the crazies that got all their shopping done on Thanksgiving day and beat the "lazy" afternoon shoppers.  It was probably the easiest Black Friday experience ever!  Gotta love that!

Here are some pics of our Turkey Day:

Tired after a long, restless night

Don't you just love his little vest?!

Matching Movember mustaches ;) 

Look at that belly!

Too much turkey for Pookie :)

Brunch with Uncle Kelly & Auntie Adrianna at the Rusty Pelican - Yum!

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