Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Movin' on Up - Part II

I realize I am ridiculously behind on my blog posts (weird) but I wanted to take the time to acknowledge another "big" milestone for our little man (I promise I will catch up soon/eventually).  As of today (7/1/14), he has officially moved up to the first toddler room at school.  I've been mentally preparing myself for this change and I know that the teachers have also done their part in prepping both myself and Sebastian.  As a result, I surprisingly didn't cry but I did get a little emotional when we veered off to the right as opposed to straight into  the comfort of the infant room from the lobby.  

I'm happy to report that Sebastian didn't blink an eye with the move - in fact, he's happier than ever because he gets to reconnect with the kids he started with; his closest buddies.  Plus, I think he likes it because they have more toys and a jungle gym in his new area.  ;)  His new teacher, Miss Sylvia, said that he was laughing and playing all day long, hanging out with his best bud Steven, ate at the table with a spoon (mostly his hands), and slept like a champ for the first time in his cot.  He's not walking yet but is oh so close (I'm thinking its a confidence thing with a touch of laziness) and I'm guessing that with all his new and mostly walking counterparts he'll be at it in no time!

His daddy is happy because we're paying a little less than when Sebastian was in the infant room AND we don't have to bring anymore bottles in…yippee for a drastic decline in bottle washing!  :)  We officially have a toddler…yikes!  :) 

Here are pics of his last two days in the infant room: 

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  1. Hahaha, still stylin' as always! Unlike Max, who goes to school in his jammies. ;) I'm sure he loves his new classroom, it's the best of both worlds. He gets to be treated like a baby still, but gets to hang around big kids <3 He is the CUTEST!