Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oahu 2014

On the morning of Thursday, May 22 we embarked on Sebastian's first airplane ride and trip to Hawaii to celebrate the wedding of our friends, Brooke and Aaron.  Since we were traveling all that way with our little 11-month old, we decided to make a full trip of it and spend four days in Oahu (through Sunday, May 25) and then hop over to Maui for another five days.  

Sadly, both David and Sebastian were sick, on medication, and had fevers on the way to Oahu. Luckily, Sebastian was pretty good on the plane and didn't have any ear popping issues or tantrums so I count that as a win!  (We were SO nervous!)  The only "issues" we really encountered was the fact that he was fighting his naps and I had to pump in the airport and airplane bathrooms.  Having to pump in these tight, grimy, public places was not ideal so of course I didn't really produce much milk.  :( 

When we finally reached Oahu we headed straight to our hotel, did a little unpacking and then took naps.  The boys were so tired they just slept right on through dinner time.  I decided to join our friends downstairs at Duke's to catch up and have some yummy dinner before doing some quick grocery shopping across the street so the boys had something to snack on when they woke up.  

The rest of our Oahu vacation truly blends together as it was so gloomy and rainy the majority of the time!  Here are some quick highlights: 
  • We had lunch and pool time with Jenny, John, and Heath - we bought Sebastian a little blow up pool toy that he absolutely loved
  • Sebastian touched sand and the ocean for the first time - he didn't seem too excited about the sand in his toes (I don't blame him but I think my aversion to the sand has more to do with the fact that I don't want to ruin my pedicure!)
  • On a whim, we decided to trust Yelp and a bunch of us had dinner at this random hotel that boasted of an all you can eat dinner (Yelp - you did us wrong…)
  • One afternoon, we were able to spend some time at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and did a little walk down memory lane!  We showed Sebastian where his mommy and daddy got married (they even let us take photos in the chapel), looked at the penguins, walked the grounds, and ate at the Tropics restaurant where I finally got to eat some papaya and our little piggy scarfed down a whole piece of fish on his own :)  On the walk back to our hotel (which was on the other side of the Waikiki strip) we experienced a torrential downpour but luckily Sebastian was fully covered in his trusty stroller
  • While in Oahu we made it our quest to eat our favorite food - especially Udon and tempura at the little Udon place that always has a line out the door, some mochi ice cream from the corner grocery store, and the best tiramisu we've ever had at a hole in the wall Greek restaurant (unfortunately, the Greek restaurant shut down)  
  • The day of the Free/Wilson wedding started off sunny and beautiful - we even had a chance to hang out on the beach before getting ready for the big event! Brooke and Aaron were nice enough to provide shuttle buses for us all from the hotel to the venue which was a gorgeous golf course that looked like it was straight out of Jurassic Park! Unfortunately, closer to the wedding time it started pouring down rain again so they had to make a last minute change and bring the ceremony indoors.  It was still so beautiful and Brooke, of course, was the loveliest little bride!  :)   David and I even got to enjoy our friends and the wedding because they had a babysitter onsite (best idea ever!) who watched Sebastian and the other kiddos while the mommies and daddies partied with the bride and groom.  :) 
  • The next morning, we headed back to the airport for our short flight to Maui!  :) 

She knew we were leaving... :( But she got to spend time with Granny, Grampy & Bella

On first-time traveler

Do we look scared and tired?


Traveling "light"


Daddy having some fun while baby napped...


Where mommy & daddy got married

Excited for Udon!

Ocean/beach time!

The adorable bride/groom

Sebastian's hot date (Auntie Kristi)

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