Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

My first Mother's Day as a (human) mommy was nice and simple.  As all parents know, there's really no such thing as getting to sleep in anymore (I sure do miss those days!) but we took our time playing with Sebastian and Pookie in bed before scrambling to get ready and out the door.  I would say that not having to rush was a great Mother's Day present in itself.  ;) 

Per usual, we made our rounds to see both sets of parents.  We started off with lunch at the Ko house where we hung out with David's parents, aunt, and cousin Daniel.  It was also David's mom's birthday so we had double the celebrating to do!  After lunch we headed north to the outlets as it was our last opportunity to get some stuff for Sebastian before our trip to Hawaii.  :)  To finish off the day, we had dinner at my parents' house where we learned that Sebastian is obsessed with watermelon!  My mom had cut him little pieces for him to eat as well as put some watermelon juice in his sippy.  He couldn't get enough and when he ran out of juice, he was sure to let us know he was pissed!  ;)  Good to know...!  :)  With that, my first Mother's Day was over!  

Oh, one more thing... for my Mother's Day present, David took Sebastian out of daycare during lunchtime while I was at work and they made me a mug at Color Me Mine.  It sounds like Sebastian did really well with his little art project and enjoyed the special outing with his daddy.  To be honest, we haven't picked up the finished product yet but since it involves his little handprints I'm sure I'll love it!  :) 

You know, I have always known that I wanted to have kids and be a mom but I always worried about whether or not I'd be a good one.  I never felt like I had that "maternal instinct" that many other people naturally possess and I've been told by multiple people that I'm not very nurturing.  Once I finally became a mommy, I found that I'm learning how to be a "good one" each and every day and that of course, changes daily based on his needs.  Parenthood isn't exactly how I expected it to be and is a million times harder than I could have ever imagined!  It is also the best thing I've ever done!  How lucky am I to be blessed with such an adorable, mischievous, curious, charming, daring, perfect-in-my-eyes little guy?!  (Not to mention the sweetest little Pookie pup in the world!)  Everyone is SO right when they say to really enjoy spending time with your kids because the time goes by so fast (too fast). There are some rough days but all the good, sweet moments outweigh them tenfold.  

As I reflect on my Mother's Day, the word that comes to mind is "thankful".  I am so thankful for growing up with a great mom who taught me how to be selfless and present as a parent.  I am thankful for my husband who prioritizes his family above everything and uses his Fridays off of work to do the bulk of the housework so that we can all have more quality time together during the weekends.  I am thankful for my girl, Pookie, who is still a calming force amongst all the new chaos in our house and for being the best cuddle buddy ever.  And last but not least, I am thankful for my son who continuously brings so much love and joy into our lives and reminds us that even the simplest of things can be fun and cool.  

Sebastian's art project with daddy!

The card he made at daycare.  I love the picture of him passed out in the high chair after lunch.  ;) 

A mini walk around the neighborhood before dinner at my parents' house

Card from the hubby

Flowers and a sweet card from my parents

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  1. I would kill for a mug like that! David did good. :)