Tuesday, April 8, 2014

February iPhone Photo Dump

I swear, if we didn't have our phones with us all the time, we'd NEVER take pictures!  Here are some iPhone favorites from February: 

Waiting for her Kong treat... per usual ;) 

Wow, he looks SO small (and it was just a couple months ago)!  Here he is with one of his favorite "babies" at daycare - great for a teething boy!

Just chillin'

Showing off his kicks from Uncle Hank

Water baby!

Omg, such a pitiful face!  Cracks me up!

Look at those thighs! ;) 

Probably watching as Sebastian army crawls towards her bone...

Such a sweet boy

I love taking pics of him sleeping... he was feverish on this day and spent a good chunk of the day cuddled up next to daddy (who was also feeling yucky)

Twinsies :)

She loves sitting in the driver's seat when daddy pops into the store real quick

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