Monday, April 7, 2014

Jaxson's Pool Party

On Saturday morning (4/5/14), we headed to the Lynnwood Recreation Center for a birthday brunch and pool party to celebrate Jaxson's 1st birthday!  A couple of thoughts regarding the party... 1) We haven't been to very many kid birthday parties so it is still very overwhelming to have kids and babies every where you look!  2) The Rec Center is actually pretty awesome!  It was nice, clean, and pretty spacious.  We also really appreciated the family changing rooms which had a changing table, bench, toilet, and shower. We will definitely be going back there in the future!  The Hood is definitely stepping up their game!  ;) 

After we had brunch and watched Jax blow out his birthday candles, the boys headed to the pool.  This was Sebastian's first time in a swimming pool and we're proud to report he really enjoyed it!  I can't swim and my foot was bandaged* so I stayed out of the water and took on the role of family photographer.  :)  We were lucky in that this was a special swim time in honor of the birthday boy so the pool wasn't overly crowded - mainly just the party goers!  HBD, lil' Jax, thanks for inviting us!  :) 

*Foot update: I haven't had to wear my boot since December but unfortunately, my foot is still sore/swollen.  I've gone back to my podiatrist a few times to get it checked out and even got a cortisone shot.  At this time, the next step is to either be "okay" with the soreness/pain or get surgery.  I've been wearing a bandage and brace here and there - its really only bad if I'm on my feet all day.  For now, I'm going to opt out of the surgery route.  Such a bummer that it hasn't healed yet!  Ugh!

Cute lil' birthday set-up!

Check out the "deer in headlights" look he's got going on... ;)

Cute, lil' whale shorts!  They were a little too big for him but luckily his diapers helped to keep them in place!

Daddy & baby hanging out in the warmest pool before heading to the big kid area

You can't tell from this picture, but he was practicing his swimming kick!  Can't wait to get him enrolled in swimming lessons (I might have to take the adult version, as well...)

He loved the whale swimmer thing!

Love this facial expression - I promise, he really was having a good time!  The bubbles were just a bit surprising at first!  ;) 

SO tired after swimming!  He passed out as soon as he was strapped into his car seat!

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