Saturday, April 26, 2014

9-month Photos

On April 6th, the four of us headed to a little field near downtown Snohomish to take Sebastian's 9-month photos.  This time around, we were meeting our new family photographer, Kristin Harris.  I was a little nervous because the hubs and I are so awkward when we get our pictures taken and it only gets worse when we work with someone new.  Luckily, Kristin was so nice and easygoing - she was so great with both Sebastian and Miss Pookie.  :) 

On top of that, the sun graced us with its presence that day!  Our photo shoot was actually scheduled a week earlier but it was raining so hard we had to move it out a week.  Even though we generally hate taking pictures, I'm so happy we've taken family photos each "milestone" month since Sebastian's birth. Its so fun to see how much he's changed each time!  For these photos, he has a full head of hair again (he looked like an old, balding man in month 4), can sit and stand on his own, and you'll notice his shirt was completely drenched with slobber! Also, he was wearing some cute baby TOMS but they kept slipping off his skinny lil' feet. Coupled with the fact that his pants were a tad bit too long, in some pictures, it looks like he doesn't have any feet at all! ;)  Here are some of our favorites…

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