Saturday, April 26, 2014

My 32nd Birthday

This year, my birthday was celebrated with a bunch of meals with family and friends.  On my actual birthday (April 12), we headed to my parents house for a traditional Filipino birthday meal of pancit (noodle dish) and lumpia (brown people version of egg rolls but better, in my biased opinion).  Lunch was delish but I do want to mention that this was the first year we didn't have an ice cream cake (well, minus a year or two ago when my mom got a not-so-good lemon tart - which I try to block out)!  That's okay though... we really should be on our Hawaii diet anyways!  ;) 

That evening, we headed to Red Robin for a mini reunion with the Leers who were visiting from Germany, along with the Nikonovs, the Shim brothers, Becker, Madison, Julie, and her husband, Dave. It has been SO long since we've seen the Leers and its quite rare for us all to be in one place so it was nice to spend the (short) time together.  The make up of the table has definitely changed over the years! Between three of the families, we had four kiddos at the table! :) I wonder how many more will join the next time we're all together again?!

Finally, on Wednesday night, I met up with Jenny, Stephanie, Jen, and Mingie for dinner at Epulo in downtown Edmonds.  It was delicious and always fun to catch up with the girls!  :) 

Thanks everyone for spending time with me on my birthday!  And of course, thanks to the hubs, Sebster, and Pookster for making me feel oh so special! Year 32 is off to a great start!  Per usual, I failed to take pictures during my birthday events with the exception of the ones below...

Me & my lil' buddy (+ cute lil' Arik)

This is how he usually is... always moving and groovin'  :)

Daddy & his mini

Laura & sweet Arik

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