Sunday, October 27, 2013

iPhone Photo Dump

We're baaaack!  :)

If you think we were photo crazy for Pookie, well, we've expanded our mama/paparazzi tendencies to Sebastian as well!  :)  Here is an iPhone photo dump of some of our favs... 

Whenever I see them together, I hear the old jingle for "My Buddy & Kid Sister" in my head... Do you remember those commercials?! :)

Getting a hang of his play mat

Love this boy in hoodies!

"Nany, nany, boo boo"

Holla at your boy :)


Go Huskies!

First trip to Red Robin!  His face says "Gimme that!"

Happy in her chair while enjoying a Kong treat

Aw, sweet girl

Just another day at Kindercare

Hope he doesn't inherit mommy's driving skills!

He LOVES bath time (and showers, too)!

Looks so innocent

Modeling his new sweater from granny & grampy 



Look - almost the same size now!

Love his signature tongue smile

Cuddle buddies

Air Force Ones (still a tad big) from Uncle Hank

Thanks for the cute shoes, Uncle Les

Baby hipster

So pooped!

Becoming a tummy time champ!

He sure loves looking in the mirror

Sweet lil' bear

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