Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Fall, Y'all... Time to Rewind!

Um... well, apparently it's Fall now so Happy Fall!  :)  We've been just a tad bit busy in the Ko household since our last blog post.  I always have every intention of catching up on this thing but have just been so.freaking.tired!  Currently, mommy and baby have their first cold of the season so while the little booger monster is catching up on some z's, I'm catching up on here.  :) 

Welcome Max... Two days after our blog post in September, baby Max was born (9/14/13).  Sebastian was anxiously awaiting the arrival of his future best bud so he was super excited to meet him for the first time.  And, of course, David and I were happy to catch up with the proud new parents.  :) 

Proud Daddies

Ugh... Maureen, you're killin' me! How is it that the one who just gave birth doesn't look that way?!  I need to learn more flattering camera poses!  :( 

New friends :)

A sweet lil' house guest... My parents took their annual trip in September (this time to Portugal & Spain) so we had a cute house guest for about 10 days.  As always, Bella was a ball full of energy but fun to have around.  I think both Bella and Pookie bonded over not being so fond of a (seemingly) constant crying baby.  ;) 

The girls sharing their favorite chair in the "sun room"

A minor set-back... During the summer, I found this awesome LivingSocial deal for a month of unlimited Stroller Strides sessions at the Mill Creek Town Center.  I decided to focus my last month of maternity leave on doing my best to get back into shape so I was really excited to be able to work out with Sebastian.  (Our plan was to go to class at least four times a week.)  For those of you who haven't heard of Stroller Strides, it's a mixture of boot camp and barre method workouts with a bunch of mamas and their babies of all ages.  I personally think the concept is genius - whenever Sebastian was being fussy, the instructor would come over and either entertain him or pick him up while I continued on with the workout.  If she was busy with another baby, then I would just pick him and use him as a "free weight".  :)   

Ah... so here's where the "set-back" comes in.  About a week and half before starting work, per usual, Sebastian and I were in attendance at the morning session.  Unfortunately, he was being fussier than usual so instead of hanging out in his stroller, I decided to wear him in the ErgoBaby.  (This proved to be a very, very bad idea.)  The first exercise was some kind of step up and stretch combo onto this low cement wall.  We made it through a few step ups but after huffing and puffing through those due to the extra weight of the baby, I made a mental note that I was being stupid and should stop.  Of course, that thought came way too late and before I know it, I'm falling backward and first landed on my right foot and then hard on my tailbone.  Sebastian was sleeping through the exercise but was startled due to the fall and was screaming his head off.  Of course I was freaking out because I thought he was hurt but luckily, it was just me.  One of the ladies ran to Starbucks to grab me some ice and so while we waited for David to pick us up and take us to the doctor's office, we watched as the rest of the mommies got their workout on.  When we got to PacMed, I got an x-ray and luckily found out that nothing was broken but unfortunately was a pretty bad sprain.  We went home with instructions to stay off the foot, keep it iced, and then when I needed to get around, to wear a boot.  

The following day, my mom came over and helped with the baby all day because I was completely out of commission due to all the pain (thanks mom!!).  To make matters worse, I had a dentist appointment scheduled where not only did I have the typical cleaning to do (I actually really like getting my teeth cleaned) but had a minor "surgery" where they numbed my mouth and cut at specific areas of gum so that my teeth won't go back to their pre-invisalign days.  I was sore afterwards but I think the pain from my foot distracted me.  From that day, I basically stayed home six days straight because I could barely move.  When David was a work, we set-up everything I needed for the baby within arms reach downstairs.  The only time I had to get up was to use the bathroom.  

Update: Sadly, even though I was only advised to wear the boot for about 2-3 weeks after my injury, I am still wearing it today.  I actually had to go back for more x-rays this week and even though everything generally looks okay, it's still painful, swollen, and bruised.  I have to see a foot specialist soon.  I guess the only bright side is that David and I were able to score a special parking pass at work! Lesson for this girl: The universe is trying to prevent me from working out and losing this fat!  :(  Or, just reminding me that I'm a major klutz.  ;)

On the way to the x-ray room

My view for about about a week straight

An unkindess of Ravens... If you got that reference off the bat then you must be a One Tree Hill fan too!  ;)  As you know, I'm a TV junkie but after I sprained my foot, I rediscovered my love for One Tree Hill on Soapnet.  Unfortunately, they don't really play the episodes in order each day so I'm kind of all over the place.  Even David is intrigued by the Lucas, Peyton, Brooke love triangle.  ;) 

A day of firsts... October 7, 2013 was a big day for the Ko family.  For the first time in six months, Pookie had the house all to herself again, I went back to work (but at a different company), and Sebastian started daycare at Kindercare in Harbour Pointe.  The days leading up to the 7th were emotional for me.  I did my best to cuddle with my babies during the day as best I could!  Now three weeks into the working world, I can easily say I miss staying home all the time but I suppose it is nice to have adult conversations.  :)  It is also nice to have David nearby at work - my carpool and lunch buddy (sometimes) and of course someone to help carry all my stuff and show me around the huge maze that is Boeing.  Sebastian is loving daycare for the most part.  His teachers seem to adore him and are so nice.  We are "those parents" and try to call during lunchtime most days.  Their report is usually the same - Sebastian will not nap and constantly wants to be held.  That's our boy!  

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