Sunday, October 27, 2013

100 Days

On October 4, 2013, we celebrated Sebastian's first 100 days.  This is a traditional Korean celebration called Baek-il.  For background information, long ago in Korea, I guess childhood diseases were common and survival rates were super low.  It wasn't until a child reached their 100th day that their parents felt it was safe enough to introduce him/her to their friends, family, and neighbors.  During this celebration, rice cakes are provided to guests.  Back in the day it was supposed to be given to at least 100 people (definitely didn't happen here) because they believed it would help protect the child's life.  They would also pray for the child's continued good health.  And there is your Korean history lesson for today - thank you, Google!  :) 

This day was especially great because Uncle Kelly and Auntie Adrianna flew in from California just to celebrate.  This was their very first time getting to meet Sebastian in person!  We decided to go to a Teppanyaki restaurant in Everett for dinner (think Benihana style).  In attendance were both sets of grandparents, David's Aunt, Uncle, and cousin, Daniel, Kelly, Adrianna, and as a special surprise, Uncle Charlie showed up at the restaurant.  He originally told us he wasn't able to make it (he just moved to Japan for work) so it was a fun surprise.  The only one missing was Uncle Lester but he was, as always, there in spirit!  

After our yummy and entertaining dinner, we went back to our house to munch on some rice cakes and visit some more and let Pookie join in on the fun.  Happy 100 days, Sebastian!  You are so, so loved, baby!  :) 

Thanks, Auntie Adrianna, for taking pics!  :) 

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