Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Project Nursery: One Parent's Vision & Another Parent's Execution

The inevitable nursery project...I was pretty determined, with the gentle nudging from the preggo, of course, to get an early jump on what is to be baby Sebastian's room.  What else was a guy to do while his wife was suffering from cooking the little guy?  It would've been in poor form to just leave and abandon her and I couldn't really help her feel much better so I thought I should make myself useful.  Where to begin?  I had my own visions of a locker room/sports themed nursery but that got shot down real quick.  I must say, in the end, we make a pretty good team.  (Sebastian, if you're reading this - your mother is quite the visionary while your father, as you'll quickly begin to learn, is the rational one which more often than not means that he's right).


Mission 1: Protect Carpet & Tape All Edges

Mission 2: Paint Room From Floor to Ceiling White & Then Paint 3 Walls Light Gray

Mission 3: Draw Lines Per Scale on 8.5x11 Template (Version 3.0) & Tape Lines

Mission 4: Paint Per Template (Version 3.0), Let Dry (6 beers later), & Remove Tape

  • Note: If you ever plan on doing an elaborate paint project, DO NOT use the blue tape and splurge on the frog one! Took forever to touch up that damn wall!

Daylight View

  • In this phase of Project Nursery, the wife was (thankfully) starting to feel better so A LOT of shopping/purchasing was done. Are all these things even necessary?!

As you can see, Pookie LOVES this room and thinks its hers! Hence, in addition to "Sebastian's Nursery" it is also known as "Pookie's Sun Room"!  :)

Doesn't look too bad for a couple of wannabe interior designers, right? Hopefully Baby Ko will enjoy the room as much as we do!  :)  

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