Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lucky #7

Yesterday (June 26) was little Miss Pookie's 7th birthday!  Even though David and I don't really like to celebrate our own birthdays, we (I) like to celebrate hers because she is so very special to us. (Although I'm pretty sure she probably doesn't really care or realize this day is any different from the others... with the exception of maybe getting a couple more extra treats and belly rubs!)  ;)  

We love her so, so very much and is such a huge part of our family... happy birthday to our favorite girl!  :) 

What girl doesn't love a personalized sign & some festive garland on her birthday?!

Celebrating with her BFF, Bella!

Pook looks like a giant compared to her lil' buddy!

Pook with some of her new birthday loot!

Really, the only thing she wants is a treat in her most prized possession... her Kong!

Pooped after all that celebrating... time for a nap in her sun room (aka the nursery)!

Don't judge me... I realize I am that crazy dog lady!  ;) 

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