Monday, June 24, 2013

Father's Day 2013

This post is late and out of order but I just wanted to capture our last Father's Day without Baby Ko in the house!  :)  

In truth, this Father's Day wasn't anything out of the ordinary.  Like always, we split our time between our families - a Korean lunch with the Kos and Filipino dinner with the Fabunans.  At the Kos, we feasted on a mix of traditional Korean food that David's mom prepared.  Family time with the Kos is like day and night from my own family - it has taken each of us a while to adjust to the differences (and I think we're still adjusting!).  Where the Ko boys aren't the most talkative thus more quieter/quicker meals, my family definitely yaps it up most of the time. I guess we just have a lot to say!  ;)  Anyway, following lunch, David and Charlie helped to rearrange their parent's living room in order to make room for a recliner and then we just went home to digest before the next meal with my family.  

At my parent's house, we switched over to traditional Filipino food.  Since my dad was working that night, he unfortunately didn't really celebrate his day with us for very long.  We did, however, get a chance to hear about some recent situations at work and if you know my dad, his stories were definitely loud, animated, and probably slightly embellished.  ;)  

Despite a pretty uneventful Father's Day, it was nice for us to spend some time with our dads - even if for just a short amount of time.  Our dads are very different from one another but one things for sure... they definitely work hard for their families!  And for that, we are truly grateful.  It will be very interesting to see them as grandpas!  I'm not sure what they'd prefer to be called when Sebastian comes... for my dad, it's either "Lolo" or "Grampy" (which is what Pookie calls him) and for David's dad, it will most likely be "Hallaboogi" (um...I'm pretty sure that's wrong but whatever the Korean word for grandpa is).  If Sebastian's like me and has trouble pronouncing it, I think it'd be cool to call him "Holla Ko".  Whatcha think?!  :) 

Of course, we didn't really take any pictures from Father's day so I'll leave you with some of David and his gal, Pookie (he's gonna kill me).  More than anything, I am SO, SO excited to see David as a (human) daddy.  I realize I'm sounding like a broken record at this point but I just can't wait to see him hold Sebastian for the first time.  Gets me all teary just thinking about it - literally (yeah, yeah, I know the hormones have something to do with it too).  He is such a great husband and is so adorable with Pookie.  He prides himself in being a "baby whisperer" so hopefully he'll have the magic touch when it comes to his own child!  I think I would be so very screwed without David as my partner - in truth, I honestly feel parenting will come more naturally to him than it will to me.  That's okay though... I'm sure I'll have no choice but to catch up!  Pookie and I sure are lucky girls and Sebastian will be one lucky fella!

Seriously, how cute is that?!

I swear, I did not doctor up this photo - this really happened!

This one is actually from Father's Day weekend! Twin Sleepers!  :)

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