Thursday, June 27, 2013

Call Me Impatient...

Well... today marks the day that I'm officially at 40 weeks into my pregnancy and tomorrow is technically my estimated due date (June 28).  Let's just say that at this point in time, I've reached the end of my rope and am ready for this baby to pop out already!

Just a few days ago, David mentioned that given all that I've/we've been through for the past 9 months, he's surprised that I haven't lost it as much to my hormones and stress.  Well, I think he jinxed himself! It's no secret that pregnancy hasn't been my favorite thing but I think yesterday my patience had officially run its course.  Please... no more pain, puking, swelling, icing, hand braces, elevating, countless medications, bloating, dizziness, and everything else I've left out. Don't get me wrong... despite this list of undesirable pregnancy symptoms, I am truly thankful that we've been blessed with a healthy baby.  I feel guilty complaining when I think about all those who have struggled with having a baby and for those that have had an even worse pregnancy experience.  But, this is me just being honest and this could potentially be one of my last opportunities to be selfish and self-centered in my thinking. (Or at least one would hope!)

Anyway, short of mixing a castor oil and OJ potion, I feel like I've tried a good number of things to naturally induce labor.  I've tried eating spicy food (which I hate and cannot stand), bouncing on a yoga ball, doing squats, taking long walks, eating pineapple, membrane stripping (TMI?!), getting a pedicure, and a pre-natal massage where I literally begged the masseuse to get all the necessary pregnancy-inducing pressure points.  But alas, this chick is still huge, uncomfortable, and pregnant! Admittedly, I was extremely close to purchasing the castor oil yesterday afternoon to the point where I was sitting in the Fred Meyer parking lot. Before going in, I did a little more Googling and because of the mixed reviews decided not to risk it.  I have the worst luck with "tried and true" old wives tales so better to not mess with the baby when he isn't ready.

David and I are pretty convinced that tomorrow will pass without experiencing the miracle of childbirth but who knows...?!  On Monday, we have an appointment with my doctor to get an ultrasound and do a non-stress test to come up with a plan to be induced later in the week. So, unless Sebastian decides he's ready to come out on his own, I will be induced on the 4th of July.

I just finished watching the last episode of "Don't be Tardy" (yes, I know, TV at its finest!) and I again felt guilty for wanting to rush this experience.  In this particular episode, they were celebrating Brielle's 16th birthday and Kim was in tears thinking about how fast the time had passed.  I'm sure I'll be that way once Sebastian is born.  I know I'm that way for each and every one of Pookie's birthdays! Thanks for letting me complain... I hope what they say is true and once he's here I'll miraculously forget about any misery experienced for 9 whole months.  Practicing patience has never been something I've been good at and I suppose this situation isn't any different!  C'mon baby, we're ready to meet you!  :)

One final thought... something that made me feel a little better this morning was coming across a new Jack Johnson video/song.  I love Jack Johnson and have seen him live multiple times... in California, Washington, and even Hawaii!  He's my absolute fav and his songs, especially his old school ones, always cheer me up!  In case you need a pick-me-up, here's a link to his latest video.  If nothing else, you can catch glimpses of beautiful Hawaii (which I am missing right about now!)

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