Monday, May 20, 2013

Pookie's New "Friend"

When it came time to designing Baby Ko's nursery I knew I wanted to incorporate Boston Terriers in it somehow (duh, would you expect anything less?!).  After countless searches on Etsy (love that site!) I came across a shop that specialized in Boston Terrier stuffed animals.  I contacted the shop right away and sent her tons of photos of Pookie so that she could create a stuffie with her exact same markings.  

A couple weeks ago we finally received our Pookie replica!  Here are a few photos of Pookie's first encounter with it.  Surprisingly, she didn't think it was a new toy at that first meeting but sadly, we now have to keep it out of reach because she now tries to rip its limbs off whenever possible!  We're not worried though, we actually bought her a pillow shaped like a dog for her to sleep on downstairs - she tried eating him at first but we quickly got her trained to just cuddle with it during nap time.  She now affectionately knows him as her BFF, Leonard (or Lenny).  Man... we really need to get a life, huh?!  ;) 

Who the heck is this, mom?!  (And yes, she did try to sniff its butt!)

Briefly distracted by real dogs outside

Forced to pose with her new buddy!

And just for fun... proof that Pookie doesn't always tear stuffed animals to shreds - her good ol' pal, Lenny!

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