Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello from Baby Ko

Last week, we had to get an ultrasound to make sure Baby Ko was measuring okay.  Because I was so sick during those first few months, my doctor was a little worried that he wasn't growing like he was supposed to.  Additionally, he was only in the 9th percentile in terms of size during our previous ultrasound and I guess they start to worry when the baby is under the 10th percentile.  

Good news is that Baby Ko did indeed grow (my double chin and heavy belly could've told ya that) and he is now in the 13th percentile!  Yes, still small, but let's be honest, his parents aren't giants or anything!  Our doctor thinks he'll be about 5-6 pounds when he pops out so we're getting a few preemie things in preparation for our teeny, tiny lil' one.  

Anyway, at the end of the appointment, the ultrasound technician asked if we wanted to get a 3D rendering and of course we said "Yes!".  What a fun surprise!  :)  Just like our last ultrasound, we got to see firsthand that our baby boy is quite active in there and likes to suck on his fingers.  He is now head down and is facing my left side (hence the strong kicks and punches on that side).  Unfortunately, half of his face was covered by a hand and foot but at least we got to see part of him!  So... does he look like mommy or daddy?!  :)  We can't really tell but just seeing that 3D picture just makes things even more real!  There's a real human in there!  ;)

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  1. They are stinkers right from the start, aren't they, covering up their faces like that?! He'll be adorable, no matter what! Glad he is growing :)