Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dinner with the Zetas

The day after my 2nd baby shower, we met up with a few of the Zetas (Stephanie, Mingie, Baby Livie, Kate, Steve, and Baby Emi) for dinner in the Mill Creek Town Center at Tablas Woodstone Taverna (a yummy little tapas place).  The Vos were in town from California for the weekend and this was our last get chance to see them before they flew home.  

Dinner conversation was focused on weddings, baby gear, and baby milestones - my how things change when you're an "adult"!  :)  Unfortunately, we didn't get to snap a photo of the whole group but we managed to get some of the sweet little chicas and their first meeting (Emi on the left, Livie on the right).  Just think - the next photo of them will likely include Baby Ko (lucky boy with a nice selection of cuties).  

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