Sunday, February 23, 2014

Monthly Update: Month 7

Wow, SO much has happened for Sebastian developmentally this month!  Its been so much fun watching him learn and experience new things every day!  :) Here are some of the standouts from month 7: 
  • His most favorite thing in this world is his jumperoo!  We got it for him after Christmas and it has already paid for itself!  He always has the biggest smile on his face when he's in his jumperoo seat and has bounced happily for almost an hour a few times now.
  • He can now reach the ground with his walker and has finally figured out how to move forward in it!  
  • Sebastian had his first "real food" this month - rice cereal mixed with milk.  Granted, the majority of it was all over his face and bib, but we think he was able to ingest at least a little bit!  ;)  By the end of this month, he has also tried and liked mashed banana, mum mums, oatmeal, yogurt melts, and various mixed fruit/veggie pouches. He also tried puffs but does not like those so much (I really don't know why though - I think they're good!)!  Every time he eats something he always gives a bitter beer face whether he likes the food or not.  :)  But, you can tell he likes it when he takes his little hand and repeatedly slams it on his high chair to signal he wants more...  ;)  
  • Daddy was unexpectedly sent on a business trip to Tennessee this month leaving mommy and the two babies alone.  It was tough having daddy away but we managed to keep in touch via Skype everyday. Big THANKS to both of Sebastian's grannies who came over to help - David's mom came over in the morning before work/school and my mom came over at night.  They helped with the baby (who makes a stink if he's put down or not entertained) so I could pump and do all the necessary baby-related prepping.  
  • He can now sit up on his own unassisted.  I know I'm biased but he looks so cute when he does it! Such a little man!  :) 
  • We've got a mover and a shaker!  Sebastian has mastered the art of the army crawl and is much more mobile.  His upper body strength is quite impressive.  :)  He can get up to the normal crawling position but hasn't figured out how to do it yet... it'll happen soon though so we really need to baby proof!
  • He has officially outgrown his bassinet (tear) and is now sleeping in his pack and play next to our bed. He's been pulling himself up on the sides a lot and appears to be very interested in the ground below so we're gonna have to remove the middle section very soon.  After that, the next stop will be his crib (and sleep training - mommy, daddy, and sister Pookie are so, so tired)! 

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  1. Wow, he really does look bigger/older! I love when they can sit up, too. Can't wait til Max can do it all the time, for as long as he wants.