Friday, February 14, 2014

iPhone Photo Dump

Here is another photo dump from my iPhone! :)

Cute lil' baby Seahawk in his activity seat

In her sun chair

Takes A LOT of energy and wrestling to change his diaper!

LOVES his jumperoo!

First "solid" meal!

Takes up a lot of the bed for a lil' one...


Haha... facial expression cracks me up! :) 

Baby prom pose

Celebrating Amelie's 1st birthday at the Playdate Cafe! Cute place!  :) 

Tired daddy...

Future BFFs

Brunch at Bob's with the Nikonovs, Becker & Madison!

Yikes... we're in trouble... ;) 

Such a happy co-pilot!

Waiting for the Super Bowl to start!

Yay! I can sit up on my own! :)

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