Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Fox

On Saturday, August 10, we witnessed the nuptials of our friends, Stephanie and Heath (finally!) at a beautiful outdoor ceremony overlooking the Seattle marina.  Right after the ceremony, we feasted on the most delicious meal catered by Palisade Restaurant (David had the steak and I had the risotto - yummy).  

Steph created a nautical theme for the wedding - she did a great job with everything! It was timeless, classic, and sophisticated... just like she is!  And don't even get me started on how beautiful she looked in her wedding dress!  :) We sat at the Zeta table and it was fun catching up with everyone, as well as with our friends, Anne and Emad.  Following dinner, we headed to the Palisade bar to close it out before making the trek to Peso's because we wanted to feel super old... just kidding (but seriously, how was that ever a regular part of our 20s?!).  While there, we had a nightcap, a gut-wrenching snack, and did a little more catching up!  :)  Of course, no trip to Seattle is complete without seeing Mr. Hank Shim!  So before we headed back to the Hood, we met up with Henry in front of his condo so David could "bro it out" with his BFF for a quick minute.  (Thanks for leaving your lady friends just to see us, Hank!)  

Not only was this an important celebration for the new Mr. & Mrs. Fox, but it was the very first time we left Sebastian (and of course, Pookie) with my parents (my Aunt came over to help as well)!  Good news - although he was a little fussy, granny and grampy are still willing to babysit in the future!  :) Thanks for taking such great care of our babies and for staying up 'til the wee hours of the morning so mommy and daddy could have a much needed night off!  

Congrats, Heath & Steph!  Now time for some baby Foxes so Sebastian has more playmates... ;)

Here comes the bride!

First kiss!

Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Fox!

Stacy, me, Jenny, & Lil' Jen

Oh good Lord, please excuse my bloated appearance... :(  But, aren't my friends so cute?!  :)

Look at that view!


Otnesses & Kos

Soon-to-be Wilsons & Jen/John

Me with Emad... where's Anne?!


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  1. Everyone looked so beautiful, especially Stephanie!