Saturday, August 17, 2013

Monthly Update: Month 1

Yikes, this post is ridiculously late but I'm sure y'all understand how hard it is to set aside some time for blogging with a newborn!  As of July 28 we officially have a one month old baby!  Crazy how fast that time flew by!  I can't believe how much Sebastian changes each and every day!  We look at his little baby hands all the time and I swear they are growing right before our eyes!  Slow down, baby, slow down!

Although we definitely had/have a steep learning curve when it comes to parenthood and we've never been so tired in our lives, we wouldn't change it for the world!  We are absolutely, head over heels in love with this kid!  :)

Here is the world according to Sebastian in Month 1:

  • He is SO tiny! I feel like I'm gonna break him every time I hold him. He went from being in the 1 percentile to the 7 percentile in terms of size within the first month. We are so relieved he finally started gaining weight!  He's about 7 pounds now and his little baby cheeks are starting to fill out nicely!
  • He is obsessed with his dinosaur Wubba.  We bought a 3-pack that also included a bear and monkey but for some reason he favors the dino.  If we ever lost that thing we'd be screwed... we should probably buy a back-up one just in case!
  • He loves staring at a specific spot on the ceiling in the living room.  I wonder what's so interesting up there...?!
  • He's a water baby!  He loves taking baths (thank goodness) and likes them even better when the water is nice and warm/borderline hot.  He definitely lets us know if the water temp is not to his liking! I have a feeling he'll be like his mama and take long, hot showers when he's older.  :) But, hopefully he'll take after his daddy and not be afraid of big bodies of water and will like to swim!  That'll definitely come in handy when we resume our trips to Hawaii (soon, please)!
  • This kid likes to be on the move when he's sleeping.  We keep his bassinet right next to me at night but he prefers sleeping in his MamaRoo with the sound of the womb cranked up!
  • Sebastian has no patience whatsoever! As a result, per the suggestion of his pediatrician and lactation consultant, I no longer breastfeed him.  :( I pump before every mealtime and then just feed him that via bottle.
  • Those that know me are fully aware that shopping is my favorite pastime.  ;)  Luckily for me, Sebastian is a great shopping buddy - he loves visiting Nordstrom and Anthropologie with his mama!  :) 
  • Sebastian loves his big sis, Pookie!  Sadly, over the course of his first month of life, we've noticed that Pookie on the other hand has lost interest in her noisy/needy little brother!  She's not mean or aggressive towards him but she does seem a little more annoyed whenever he wakes her up in the middle of the night (she sleeps in between me and the bassinet/baby).  She's so protective that she wakes up before David or I do most times so I'm sure she's SUPER tired.  Poor pup!  I try to give her a break during the day by running errands so she can nap in peace!  :) 

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  1. What's even crazier is he's already almost TWO months old!