Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cheers to 2 Years!

On Tuesday, August 27, David and I celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary!  What a difference two years makes!  I can't believe all that has changed since we tied the knot in Hawaii.  All I can say is that I feel truly blessed for the life we have and am so excited to see what's in store for us in the future!

Since we had Mr. Sebastian to tend to, we decided we weren't going to do anything special for our anniversary - just a simple meal and a yummy dessert at home.  A couple days before our anniversary, my mom offered to watch him so we could leave the house and have some time to ourselves.  You can bet we took her up on that offer!  (Thanks, Mom!)  ;)  

So what'd we do?  We still kept it simple and went to our favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant in Everett, Los Potrillos.  Yes, we spent our anniversary dinner in Everett!  They're that good - trust me! Not only is their food delicious, they are super nice, quick, and cheap.  Perfect combo, if you ask me! David got the shredded beef burrito and enchilada combo while I got my go-to meal - the chicken chimichanga and shredded beef tostado combo (can you say "adios diet"?).  Our dinner conversation was part David complaining about work and part us discussing the past year and whether or not we've checked the boxes on our "marriage to-do list" thus far.  I'd say we can't really complain!  We've got a sweet little boy, a loveable pup, a nice roof over our heads, and both have good jobs. One thing we both wished for was the opportunity to travel/vacation more so hopefully we'll be doing more of that in the near future.  :)  

After a quick meal, we headed home with plans to take our annual anniversary photo in front of our house, pay some undivided attention to Pookie, indulge in a little dessert, and catch up on our DVR in peace before picking up the baby... within about 2 hours time.  Apparently 2 hours is NOT a lot of time!  ;)  We did get some of those things done but we also found ourselves cleaning up the house,  washing a million bottles, prepping for our nightly routine with Sebastian, and of course, I had to get a pumping session in!  Ah, the life of parents!  :)  Before we knew it, we were getting a call from granny to pick the baby up.  And with that, our anniversary was over and we resumed our normal day.  Although it was a quick celebration, it was perfect for us.  

Happy 2-year anniversary, Hubby!  I love you even more than our wedding day!  Thank you for choosing me to be your wife (or for being duped) and for being the best husband and dad ever! Cheers to many, many more years of love, adventures, and memories together!  :)

Don't worry, I didn't eat it all! Yum... my mouth is watering...

Happy boy!

Coffee & Heath Candy Ice Cream Cake from Carousel Cafe & Ice Cream... Delish! (Although writing/spacing could use a little work...)

Getting a little festive with our wedding colors :)




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