Sunday, March 16, 2014

Monthly Update: Month 8

Wow. Our baby is 8 months old!  Is it weird to feel like the world is going in hyper speed and to have a fear that blinking would result in seeing a big boy or man in front of me?  Obviously I'm being overly dramatic but I do feel like that sometimes!  I say this every month, but time is going too, too fast! Here's what Mr. Sebastian was up to this month: 
  • Sebastian started standing up on his own this month!  He is definitely very pleased with this newly acquired skill and is practicing every chance he gets!  When he's propped up against a table or toy he's even able to make mini steps sideways.  The look on his face is priceless - SO proud!  :) This is both awesome and scary at the same time!  As I keep saying... we REALLY need to baby proof - especially for our little daredevil!
  • We lowered his crib a notch - even if he's not sleeping in there at night he does nap in there from time to time!
  • This month he started doing this thing with his mouth - a cross between blowing raspberries and trying to make bubbles (is that the same thing?!). Super cute and super wet! ;) 
  • He's beginning to practice "talking" - he currently says "ba ba ba ba" a lot - sometimes it sounds like "da da".  We also like to have shouting matches from time to time.  ;) 
  • He's loves Mr. Wubba again! ;) 
  • He can eat a whole food pouch in one sitting - and mixed with some oatmeal!  We can't believe how much this kid can eat!  We hope this means he'll be a good eater and won't be ridiculously picky like his mommy.  
  • He has always enjoyed bath time but we're letting him stay in his tub a little longer so he can play with his toys.  His favorite bath toy is a little turtle squirter.  He clings to the thing as if its the most precious thing in the world.  Watch out if it ever floats away!  ;)  We also removed the little bump in his whale tub since he's able to sit up on his own.  We can't believe how big he looks in the tub now!
  • Sebastian has legit play times now.  I know he has play time at school but prior to now we could get away with keeping him entertained on our laps at home.  Now, after his naps, we spread out the blankets and various toys so he can play for a couple hours.  Our living room looks like a toy store exploded - definitely a hazard for this clumsy mama! 
  • There are some mornings when he's wide awake while we're getting ready for work.  If that's the case, then he hangs out with us in the bathroom in his walker while he watches the Mickey Mouse Club.  The two of us always have a dance party when The Hot Dog song comes on at the end. So catchy and so fun!  :)  After MMC is Doc McStuffins - he is not so much a fan of that show so then he occupies his time by trying to run over our feet with his walker.  ;) 
  • We are beginning to see signs of "jealousy" with this kid; especially for my attention.  Actually, sister Pookie has been exhibiting similar behavior lately.  When we're on the floor for play time, Pookie will strategically place herself in between me and the baby so I can pet her and give her all my love and attention. As soon as that happens, Sebastian immediately stops whatever he's doing and army crawls around Pookie and starts climbing on me with a quickness while kicking her away in the process.  I feel so loved and wanted but dang, sharing is caring! :) Another thing they do is gravitate towards one another's toys. If we're not paying attention, Pookie will have one of Sebastian's stuffed animals in her mouth and Sebastian will be gnawing on her Kong. ;) 
  • As you can tell from the pictures below, it is getting harder and harder to get him to sit still long enough to take a photo!  Ugh!  I always get all sweaty after trying to wrestle him into his spot and every time we have to change his diaper or get him dressed!

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