Sunday, March 16, 2014

David's 32nd Birthday

This weekend we celebrated David's 32nd birthday!  For someone who truly hates celebrating his birthday, we've done a lot to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the day he joined the world!  On Friday (his actual birthday), he had lunch with Henry and Becker while I was at work.  My goal was to get off early that afternoon but that didn't work out as planned (per usual).  By the time we got home, Sebastian was really tired and passed out around the time we were planning on heading out to dinner.  We ended up just ordering Chinese take-out from this yummy place in Mukilteo and celebrated at home. I know, we sure know how to party!  ;)  

On Saturday, we met up with David's parents at the Alderwood Mall for some lunch at Anthony's.  Later that day, we headed north to visit our dear friends, the Nikonovs for a St. Patty's themed dinner (SO yummy)!  We just love hanging out with Vitaliy, Maureen, and their adorable minis - we don't do it nearly enough!  Maureen even made a special meal for the boys - pureed spinach and pear (delish, btw) and some puffs.  Most of it ended up all over their faces, clothes, and the ground but I'm certain they enjoyed it.  :)  It was SO cute to see Sebastian and Max seated next to one another in their high chairs.  They kept on staring at each other and I swear they were communicating using their own baby language of grunts, shrieks, and random babbling.  A true sign they will be best buddies in the future.  ;)  The only bummer is that we didn't take any pics of them together! Boo!  Oh well, next time!  

This morning we "slept in" aka the baby didn't wake us up until 6:00 AM and David blew out the candles on his yummy cornbread cake.  Yes, I said cornbread!  A couple weeks ago on a whim, we bought some cornbread from Fred Meyer.  This cornbread is seriously so delicious and addicting!  It  is on the sweeter side so I would consider it more of a dessert than a side dish.  We can probably eat a whole pan of it in one sitting and we came really close this morning!  ;)  After playing around and a short morning nap, we headed to my parent's house for lunch and a Skype session with my brother in London.  

All in all, it was a great birthday weekend full of yummy food, family, and friends!  Happy birthday, hubby!  Cheers to many, many, many more birthdays to come!  We love you!  :) 

A birthday sign for daddy!  A couple side notes… 1) Getting a baby to sit still for a hand print is no easy task! Also, make sure that the ink you are using isn't permanent!  Took a lot of scrubbing and a couple days for the ink to completely go away!  Oops!  2) Getting Sebastian and Pookie to sit still together is very rare these days and mommy definitely failed on that one this time around! I tried!

 Ugh… clearly these three weren't in the mood for a picture (story of my life)...

Big boy in the Anthony's high chair

Yummy cake made by Maureen and Maeve to celebrate David and Vitaliy's birthdays!

Cornbread Cake! ;)

Sebastian helping daddy blow out the candles

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  1. Happy Birthday, David! (And what is the Chinese place in Mukilteo you go to? I've been craving it big time)!